Cardan Couplings

gelenkkupplungen_intertech_austriaOur articulated couplings are based on the cardan joint. Due to the very fine tuning of the bolts and bushings, play in this coupling is so minimal that it can also be used in positioning applications.

The possibility of compensating for very high axis offset with minimal restoring forces and in a very compact space makes these articulated couplings a very special problem solver.

On the one hand we offer couplings for the transmission of torques in an assembly-friendly clamping hub design and on the other hand to absorb high tensile and compressive forces as a screw-in version for linear drives - the linear couplings.


  • Very low restoring forces
  • High torsional rigidity or axial rigidity
  • Variable thread diameter#High reliable angular and radial misalignment
  • Large torques in a small installation space
  • Greater precision and less wear

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