Our Products

Drive Technology

Drive Technology

Freewheels, backstops and overrunning clutches

Bellows & servo couplings, safety couplings 

Locking Assemblies & shrink discs, flexible couplings 

Gear couplings, clutches & brakes, hydrodynamic (Turbo) couplings 

Transmission, drive shafts

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Slip rings, Resolver
Incremental encoders (encoder),
Rotary unions, AC/DC motors
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Crane & Conveyor Technology

Crane and Conveyor Technology

Cable drums, crane cabs, pulleys, rope drums

Drum couplings, load hook, hook block (bottom block), security and service brakes, rail clamps 

Wheels & other mechanical components, complete drive units, wedge sockets, cable clamps

Separation Technology & lifting and transport equipment with magnets

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